Excellent Bifold Doors in Basingstoke

Bifolding doors are increasingly popular due to their space-saving functionality, they also make an eye-catching alternative to a standard sliding patio door.

Fitting bifold doors

Bifold doors are multiple doors fitted to runners that fold back on themselves. Because they slide and fold, they don’t take up as much space as a normal hinged swing-open door.

Some bifold doors have a conventional door built-in that sits on a normal hinge and has a standard lever handle. This is a handy option that means you can have a single door entrance when you don’t want to fold and slide open every door in the bifold.

The benefits of bifold doors

As mentioned, bifold doors don’t take up the space of a normal hinged door or French doors.

Because the moving panel of a bifold door slides in front of the stationary panel, they give you a wider entrance – unlike a sliding door when half of the aperture is always blocked. Another advantage of bifolding doors is that you can choose from a range of opening configurations. You decide on the number and size of each door and the direction of opening, either outwards or inwards.

Simply put, bifold doors combine the best of sliding doors and French doors to give you a practical and space-saving alternative. They’re great for opening up the house to the garden in different stages – either one door folded back or completely open with all doors folded into each other.

With a bifold door, you could allow the entire entrance, around 90%, to be opened up. They’re a practical choice for large entrances where French doors would be too small.

Strong aluminium bifold doors

Aluminium framed bifold doors are stronger and more durable than uPVC and have the added advantage of being corrosion free. Because aluminium frames are so strong, we can create narrow profile doors that allow the maximum amount of natural light to flood into a room.

Our aluminium bifold doors also have enhanced thermal performance. This high level of thermal insulation keeps heat in and the cold out when the doors are closed. As a result of this thermal efficiency, you can reduce the cost of your energy bills.

Visofold bifolding door range

The Visofold range is part of the Smart range of doors that can be folded internally or externally and with the opening at the side, at one end, or in the middle. The wide number of configurations makes this a flexible choice.

Visofold doors can be configured to suit any applications. They’re ideal for rooms where uninterrupted openings are required as the system gives you high levels of light and space and unimpeded views.

Would you like to know more about our doors?

Our bifold doors could include multi-point lock mechanisms and shoot bolt locks. They’re available in a huge range of styles, finishes and colours – so you can find the perfect door for your home.

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