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Choosing bifold doors, if you’re looking for something that offers you more than just a traditional door or sliding patio door, then bifold doors could be the answer.

There are many things to consider when installing a bifold door, chief amongst these is whether you need more light and additional space.

Can you gain more natural light?

If you have a dark room, then bifold doors offer a simple way to brighten it up. Because of their minimal frame, and the fact that the leaves fold over each other, they allow you to bring more natural light into a room.

This additional light will help you transform a dull room and give it a unique sense of style.

Do you want to make the most of your space?

The beauty of bifold doors is that they fold back on themselves. This means you have an uninterrupted opening rather than frames in the way.

Because bifold doors can open to any width within their frame, they’re highly flexible. You choose how they fold. This means you can decide where the leaves divide and whether they open into or out of a room.

The advantage of this customisation is that the doors can be made to suit the purpose and dimensions of the room.

How connected are you to your garden?

Bifold doors are often used at the rear of a property or as entry to a conservatory. The sequence of glass panels means you can control access to your garden, with either the whole aperture open or to the degree that’s comfortable.

Because bifold doors can fold right back, you gain a more complete sense of openness than you would with a conventional sliding patio door. This is great for seamlessly connecting the house with your garden in the summer months.

And in the winter months, you can enjoy a scenic view of your garden while the doors are completely shut. Closed bifold doors give you all the thermal insulation, noise reduction and security of a normal door.

View our stunning range of bifold doors

Origin bifold doors are slim, stylish, and ultra-secure. They’re built using premium-grade aluminium that provides exceptional strength and security.

Origin bifold doors are exclusively designed, developed and manufactured in a state-of-the-art factory in the UK. They’re engineered to perform and built to last with impressive durability and minimal maintenance.

Visofold bifold doors are available in multiple opening configurations and can be folded internally or externally. You choose whether to have the opening at the side, at one end, or in the middle.

All Visofold profiles have a thermal break for enhanced thermal performance and energy efficiency and multi-point lock mechanisms for high levels of security.

Unifold bifold doors boast quality, security and thermal performance. They also have the slimmest sightlines of all our bifold ranges. As a result, you gain uninterrupted panoramic views that can transform your home.

Unifold doors and panels can be used in any configuration, style and design, and all configurations are available in both open-in and open-out options.

Choosing bifold doors for your home?

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