Excellent Bifold Doors in Basingstoke

If you’re looking for something more stylish, practical and space-saving than a conventional patio door, a bifold door provides all the benefits of a traditional door but so much more.

Create more space

Whereas conventional patio doors slide behind another window or door, a bifold door folds back on itself. The advantage of this is that you open up your wall with no interruption of flow.

Bifold doors are highly flexible as you can open them to any width within their frame. You can also have them custom made, so you choose where the leaves divide. There’s also flexibility over their configuration – you can have them open into or out of a room, fold to the left or right.

Allow plenty of natural light in

Because of their minimal frame, bifold doors allow maximum natural light into your home – whether they’re open or closed.

Bifold doors are ideal for transforming dark rooms, offering more light and a feeling of space.

Bring the outdoors inside

Bifold doors are perfect for conservatories or rear entrances out into the garden because they use minimum space when open, bringing the outdoors into the house. As they take up a smaller physical area than traditional doors, you gain wider access to your garden or patio.

Unlike regular patio doors, bifold doors fold right back to give you a greater sense of openness, so that you can experience the full effect of the outdoors from the comfort of your home.

To what degree you want to bring the outdoors in, is up to you. With bifold doors, you can have them fully open, fully closed or anywhere in between. When the doors are closed, you have all the benefits of a normal door in terms of thermal insulation, noise reduction and security.

Hardwearing aluminium bifold doors

There are different types of bifold doors available to suit your needs and budget. Aluminium bifold doors are strong, secure and won’t corrode.

Aluminium frames are highly durable, and because the metal is so robust, they can be used to create narrow profile doors. This maximises the amount of natural light that can enter a room.

Excellent Windows aluminium bifold doors have high levels of thermal insulation, so they retain heat and keep the cold out. This thermal efficiency helps you to reduce your energy usage, resulting in lower bills.

Aluminium is considered a green metal, making it an environmentally-friendly choice.

Check out our Visofold bifold door range

Our Visofold range offers smart bifold doors that are available in many different opening configurations.

Visofold doors can be folded internally or externally, and you have the choice of having the opening at the side, at one end, or in the middle. The flexibility of these smart bifold doors makes them ideal for rooms where you want a wide, uninterrupted view or maximum access.

The beauty of Visofold bifold doors is that they optimise natural light in the home and offer unrestricted views.

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